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Introduction to Mergers & Acquisitions.

Discussing M&A and private equity deals. Get this free E-Book to discover one of the most exciting industries out there. 

 M&A is not a Money's game, it's a People's game, just like Poker-4.png

Startup Kudos

A Biography of a lawyer turned entrepreneur and the struggle he went through building his business. The book also guides you on how to launch your startup with chronological steps. 

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Introduction to Investment & Trading

Get this amazing guide to learn all about trading and investment and to grow your knowledge and understand the financial markets.

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Documents you need to raise funds as a startup

Read all about the documents you need to raise capital and ace your funding round.

Evolution in ISDA agreements and how it impacts transcations

Get to know more about ISDA agreements and how they evolved recently. 

Secret to Startup Valuation Models for startups 

Get to know how to value your startup using different models and techniques. 

Explaining what is a security in US Law in simple terms

Understand what is a security in US Law to dig deeper into NFTs and Crypto. 

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